Regular Meeting, January 10, 2012


Mayor Hunt declared a quorum present and called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM.


Mayor Hunt welcomed everyone to the meeting and Commissioner Boyd gave the invocation.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the group and led by Commissioner Shooter.


Motion by Commissioner Love, second by Commissioner Boyd, to accept the minutes of December 13, 2011, as presented; the motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Eddie Franklin said that stray dogs were coming in his yard and had destroyed flowers and plants.  He is concerned about the population growth of these stray or unleashed dogs.   Commissioner Hunt explained that we do not have an Animal Control Officer on staff with the Town of Rowland and we have had to rely on the County Animal Control Officers and Staff to help with the control of these animals.  Commissioner Shooter explained that because of restrictions regarding the housing of animals and rules surrounding the placement of the pens that had been in place within the Town, we could no longer keep animals in our facilities.

He also suggested that the citizens contact their County Commissioners regarding stray dogs and our requests for assistance from the county.

Ms. Janice Oxendine   – Native American Interfaith Ministries – Pembroke   introduced Mr. Harrison Locklear who explained The Healing Lodge and The Coalition of UNHEARD VOICES.  He passed out folders containing a pamphlet and information regarding their program.


There was no unfinished business to be discussed.


  1.  Mr. Leon Revels was not present to discuss a proposal for Lumbee Senior Housing complex for Rowland.
  2.  Robeson County Municipal Association Monthly Dinner is to be hosted by The Town of Rowland February 23rd.  The speaker will be Mr. Hosea Hernandez.
  3. Mid-Year Budget Distribution – for discussion at 1/25/12 work session:

Commissioner Hunt made a motion to table this discussion until the work session when Mr. Proctor Finance Officer will be present.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Love; the motion carried unanimously.



Administration –   No Report

Legal –   A discussion was held regarding the Family Inn Motel, its condition and possible correction of that condition.   A call had been received at the Town Office regarding business license to begin to re-roof the buildings.  To date there has been no application requested in person or paid for regarding those buildings.   Commissioner Hunt suggested that Town Attorney Price check into an estimate to demolish the unsightly buildings and a method to recoup the monies spent for that project should the Town decide that it was something that should be considered.     A motion was made and seconded for Mr. Price to move ahead with this endeavor.

Police –  Chief Reaves has received a letter from National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund regarding the placement of the names of two (2)  Rowland Officers who lost their lives in the line-of-duty would be placed on the Memorial Wall in Washington.  The Ceremony is to take place May 13 during National Police week.   The two officers are Marion Boyd Rogers, who died on December 26, 1925; and Robert Casey Jones, who died on December 11, 1928.

Public Works/ Streets and Sanitation-    Mr. Jerry Jones, Wastewater Treatment Operator, is in the hospital in Laurinburg.  Mr. Jessie Watson said that he had talked with him and he is better.  Mr. Jones said that he may be able to go home tomorrow. 

Water and Sewer –  No report.

Step Program Update –Mr. Ben McCallum reported that the Rural Center contract for the Step Grant had been extended to March 30,  2012.  Therefore, the meeting date for the local meetings has been changed to the first Monday of each month in order to have more time for the local efforts to come to a complete project.

Mr. McCallum also suggested a budget change for the Depot.  In order to go further with the improvement of the Depot after the end of the Step Grant, we will need to have a design for the museum ready for presentation to whoever may be chosen to continue those improvements.  Mr. Charles McClure, of McClure Nicholson Montgomery, has agreed to do a design-only for us for $5,000.00   Commissioner Hunt suggested that we table this discussion until a later date.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Love. All in favor.

Another budget changed was requested by Mr. McCallum toward his salary of $1,500.  This was requested to come from the Depot Line Item.  Commissioner Hunt moved to pay this amount to Mr. McCallum and the motion was seconded by Commissioner Love. All in favor.

There have been three requests made for Façade Improvements.  Those applications are from Mr. Frank Thompson, The Corner Store;  Mr. William Alford, K & W Enterprises; and Born Again Assembly.    A motion was made by Commissioner Love and seconded by Commissioner Hunt that all of the three listed requested be approved.  The motion carried.

Mr. McCallum reminded the Board that 1099’s needed to be provided to all the contractors who have worked on the building improvements under the Step Grant.  The motion to provide these documents to those who had contracted to do the work was made by Commissioner Love.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Hunt.  The motion carried.

Commissioner Love inquired of the names of the youth he had received for his project to help educate the younger citizens of the Town regarding the inner workings of the town government.  Mr. McCollum responded that there had been a meeting earlier this evening and no one showed up.  He had received a few names but obviously other commitments had been made.   The next scheduled meeting is set for February 6th.

Board of Commissioners –    No reports

Announcements/Other Matters of Interest –    No responses


Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Shooter, at 8:45PM to go into Closed Session for Attorney-client privilege and personnel; motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Commissioner Shooter, second by Commissioner Love, at 9:23PM to come out of Closed Session; motion carried unanimously.

There was no action taken.


Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Shooter, to adjourn at 9:25 p.m.

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