Working Session, January 25, 2012


Mayor Hunt declared a quorum present and called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


Mayor Hunt welcomed everyone to the workshop and Commissioner Shooter gave the invocation.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the group. 


Motion to add Harry Benjamin to the agenda by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Boyd; the motion carried unanimously.

Motion to add discussion of Depot floor plan study to the agenda by Commissioner Boyd, second by Commissioner Love; the motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Commissioner Love, second by Commissioner Shooter, to approve the minutes of the January 10, 2012 as presented; the motion carried unanimously


Mr. Eddie Franklin said that stray dogs were still a problem. He called County Commissioner Hubert Sealy who said he would be glad to help. Commissioner Sealy also said the Town could make use of auxiliary officers for animal control.

Commissioner Love stated that she had talked with Bob Smith at County Animal Control, who had told her that he told his staff not to talk with Rowland elected officials as it had to come from the County Commission.

It was decided that Rowland officials need to meet with the County Commission. Mr. Proctor was tasked with writing a letter to Interim County Manager Ricky Harris asking for the County’s assistance and requesting to be put on the Public Portion of the County Commission’s February 21, 2012 meeting. Commissioner Love and Mr. Proctor will attend that meeting to plead the town’s case.

                                                                         OLD BUSINESS

  1. Appointments to the Planning Board – Following a brief discussion regarding who was still on the Board and who may not wish to be reappointed,

Motion by Commissioner Shooter, second by Commissioner Boyd, to Table this item until the February 14th meeting; the motion carried unanimously.

  1. Mid-year Budget Review – By consensus, it was decided to have this review at the end of the meeting.
  2. Discussion of Depot Floor Plan – Commissioner Boyd requested that this item be brought up for further discussion. A letter from McClure, Nicholson & Montgomery, Architects from Charlotte had been placed at each Commissioner’s desk. During the discussion, Commissioner Hunt opined that the required $5,000 can be put to better use elsewhere; Commissioner Boyd reiterated that such a floor plan would be required to obtain additional grant funding for the depot.

Commissioner Shooter thought that it might be a good idea if the funds are there, but believed that the Historical Society would need to have oversight of such a project. Mr. Proctor explained that the property was given over to the Historical Society, not to the town.

Mr. Proctor recommended that this item be tabled until the next meeting, when Robert Campbell, the President of the Historical Society, could be in attendance to take part in the discussion.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Love, to table further discussion of this item until the February 14th meeting, and to ensure that Mr. Campbell be given the opportunity to attend; the motion carried unanimously.


  1. Placement of a Clothing Recycle Box in Town – Mr. Harry Benjamin with Carolina Recycle from Clio, SC came before the Board to request that they be allowed to place a clothing drop box in town for cast off clothing to be donated to the needy in the greater Border Belt community. This would be at no cost to the town nor to recipients of the clothing.

Motion by Commissioner Shooter, second by Commissioner Hunt, to allow a drop box in town, contingent upon ratification by Waste Management; the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Proctor will contact Pat Calemba to ascertain if Waste Management has any objections.

  1. Placement of a Mobile Home in Town – Ms. Shetisha Fletcher came before the Board and requested to be allowed to place a mobile home on a lot at the corner of Cedar Street and Main Street. Mr. Proctor explained that manufactured housing is allowed only in R-12 residential zoning districts and this area was zoned R-10 Residential; accordingly, a manufactured housing unit would not be allowed.


AdministrationMr. Proctor had three items to bring to the Board’s attention:

  1. Information regarding the NCDOT I-95 renewal meetings has been distributed and is on your desks.
  2. The amended Contract for Auditing Services is required by the LGC because of the extension that was needed for completing the audit; Mayor Hunt and he will sign and send back to the auditor.
  3. Mill Street RR closing – Mr. Proctor has consulted with Brian Gackstetter at NCDOT and with Sandra Sea with CSX; the State has sent the revised contract to CSX’s attorneys – this contract has been designed to be the new model contract for all CSX crossing closures in the state. The contract should be ready for signatures by mid-March; NCDOT in Lumberton will then prepare the bid documents and go out for bids in May; the work should be substantially complete by July.

Legal – No reports

Police – No reports

Public Works/Streets/Sanitation – Mr. Watson informed the Board that the backhoe was down for major repairs, but is now back in service.

Water/Sewer – All water and wastewater tests have come back fine; we are in compliance with state regs.

CDBG/STEP ProgramNo reports

Board of Commissioners – No reports


There were no announcements of other matters of interest. 


Mr. Proctor presented his recommended mid-year budget to the board, and drew the Board’s attention to his major recommended changes.



  1. The $10,000 from Fund Balance has been eliminated
  2. Privilege Licenses is increased by $13,350
  3. FEMA Tornado Relief is added as a line item with $150,000 budgeted
  4. Sales Tax is reduced from $225,000 to $210,000
  5. The $18,000 Operating Transfer from Utility is eliminated
  6. Total General Fund Revenue is increased from $900,000 to $1,017,600


  1. Governing Body is increased from $58,540 to $60,385
  2. Library is decreased from $19,451 to $16,501
  3. Depot is decreased from $3,170 to $2,462
  4. Administration is increased from $99,489 to $107,435
  5. Police is increased from$404,480 to $425,100
  6. Fire remains unchanged at $18,870
  7. Streets increases from $46,780 to $146,475, due to Tornado cleanup
  8. Powell Bill increases from $65,147 to $65,555
  9. Sanitation decreases from $160,000 to $117,000
  10. Non-departmental increases from $23.073 to $57,817
  11. Total General Fund Expenditures are increasing from $900,000 to $1,017,600



  1. Miscellaneous Revenues are reduced from $2,500 to $750
  2. Water Receipts are reduced from $162,500 to $160,500
  3. Sewer Receipts are reduced from $177,500 to $175,500
  4. Reconnection Fees are increased from $3,500 to $4,650
  5. Total Utility Fund Revenue is reduced from $414,450 to $409,750


  1. Non-departmental expenses are decreasing from $22,602 to $11,907
  2. Water Department expenses are decreasing from $168,869 to $167,711
  3. Sewer Department expenses are increasing from $166,302 to $173,455
  4. Debt Service is unchanged at $56,677
  5. Total Utility Expenses are decreasing from $414,450 to $409,750

{NOTE: The changes in the Water Department and Non-departmental include a correction of a $6,220 charge that was discovered during the Review; this “phantom charge”.}


Motion by Commissioner Love, second by Commissioner Shooter, to adjourn at 9:02 p.m.

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