Regular Meeting, February 14, 2012


Mayor Hunt declared a quorum present and called the meeting to order at 6:32 PM


Mayor Hunt welcomed everyone to the meeting and Commissioner Love gave the invocation. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the group.


Motion by Commissioner Love, second by Commissioner Shooter, to approve the minutes of the January 25, 2012, Working Session as presented; the motion carried unanimously.


  1. Joan Oxendine spoke to the Board about the services of the Eldercare Resource Center, which is located at 405 Dunn Road (behind the 5th Street Food Lion); she explained about elder day care services, which are paid for through Social Services; door-to-door transportation services (currently costing up to $10 one way); other services include private home care services,  DNA testing, and elder law services. At the conclusion of her presentation, Ms. Oxendine distributed a folder of information to the Board.
  2. Eddie Franklin came before the Board to again complain about the lack of animal control in town. He has talked with County Commissioner Hubert Sealy, who told him that he could help pay to have a new dog pen erected, and that “auxiliary officers” could be used to clear the town of strays.

Mr. Proctor stated that he had been in contact with County Manager Ricky Harris to request an audience before theCountyCommission to discuss animal control, but had been told that the proper venue was to contact the Animal Control Department. In a follow-up email, Mr. Harris did say that we were welcome to appear before the County Commission during the Public Portion, even if that board could not do anything about our problem.


  1. Presentation of Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Annual Audit – John Masters of S. Preston Douglas, CPAs, presented the audit report, explaining the significance of the graphs that were included with the audit. He stated that, despite the fact that available Fund Balance was low and we would in all probability be getting another letter of admonishment from the Local Government Commission, the town was in fairly good financial shape, was improved over prior years, and with an economic turnaround, should shortly be on more solid financial ground.
  2. Discussion/Decision regarding Depot Floor Plan – This item was tabled from the January 25th meeting to afford Rowland Historical Society President Robert Campbell the opportunity to attend and provide the Society’s input. Charles A. McClure of Charlotte architects McClure, Nicholson & Montgomery, AIA, has proposed to provide this floor plan for a cost of $5,000. Discussion ensued about the need, or a lack thereof, for a floor plan for the depot in order to utilize the building as a museum. Commissioner Boyd stated that this project would enable the town to seek additional funding. Mr. Campbell opined that the money would be better spent on other projects.

The conversation subsequently revolved around the viability of the Historical Society and its lack of meetings, or even a leadership. Mr. Campbell stated that the Society would hold a meeting in early March, elect a new board, and decide its position on this matter, to be brought before the Commission in March.

Motion by Commissioner Boyd, second by Commissioner Love, to table this item until the March 13th Regular Session, at which time, a final decision should be able to be made; the motion carried unanimously.


  1. Resolution 12-1, Support for International Seaport Study –  Mr. Proctor read resolution 12-1, regarding support for a feasibility study for building a deepwater seaport in Southport.

Motion by Commissioner Shooter, second by Commissioner Love, to adopt Resolution 12-1; the motion carried unanimously.

  1. Youth Program – Brittany Melvin was not present to present this topic to the Board.


Administration – No report

Legal – No report

Police – Chief Reaves, who joined the meeting late and therefore missed the animal control discussion during the Public Portion, informed the Board that he had met with Commissioner Sealy, who informed him that animal control cannot be utilized by the  municipalities because they have only three officers to cover the entire unincorporated county.

The Board asked Mr. Proctor to invite Commissioner Sealy to the February 22nd meeting to fully explain what he and/or the county could do about the town’s animal control problem.

Public Works/Streets and Sanitation – The lagoon pump is leaking and we are going to have to call Underwood to investigate the problem.

Water and Sewer – No report

NC STEP Program Update – Emma Burns and Blake Proctor were tasked by the STEP Committee with preparing a brochure for the town. Mr. Proctor distributed color copies of the proposed brochure to the Board for their comments and approval, explaining about the information on the front and the pictures and map on the reverse side. The Board was pleased with the brochure, but requested that the Depot and the fire station be included on the back; Mr. Proctor said he would take some digital pictures and ensure that these facilities were included on the brochure.

Motion by Commissioner Shooter, second by Commissioner Hunt, to approve the STEP Committee’s recommendation to publish the brochure; the motion carried unanimously.

Board of Commissioners – 

Commissioner Shooter stated that all town checks, not only the computer-generated checks, needed to have two signatures, and Mr. Proctor replied that hence forth, no checks would be distributed unless countersigned by a Commissioner.


There were no announcements or other matters of business.


Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Shooter, at 8:45PM to go into Closed Session for Attorney-client privilege and personnel; motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Commissioner Shooter, second by Commissioner Love, at 9:12PM to come out of Closed Session; motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Commissioner Shooter, second by Commissioner Love, to pay Thomas Rowell the sum of $1,497 in return for a full release of claims; the motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Shooter, to place Connie Barnes in cross-training with Utility Billing, and pay her an $80 bonus per pay period; the motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Shooter, to adjourn at 9:16p.m.


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