Regular Meeting, April 10, 2012


Mayor Hunt declared a quorum present and called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM


Mayor Hunt welcomed everyone to the meeting and Commissioner Love gave the invocation. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those present.

Mayor Hunt asked all present to keep Commissioner Shooter in their prayers.


Motion by Commissioner Love, second by Commissioner Boyd, to approve the minutes of the March 28, 2012, Working Session as presented; the motion carried unanimously. 


  1. Eddie Franklin came before the Board and stated that he had several concerns:
    1. The town’s youth need an outlet for recreational activities, some place for them to go and not stand around on the streets.
    2. He complained that he wasn’t waited on promptly and that he was treated in a rude manner when he went to Town Hall to turn in Chamber dues; Mr. Proctor explained that bookkeeper Faye Carlyle was cross-training Connie Barnes of the Police Department in the Payroll software, and that they were in the middle of a sensitive operation where they couldn’t just stop.
    3. He further complained that police officers on duty ignore his greetings, and he thought that was poor public relations; Chief Reaves asked if he knew who those officers were, but Mr. Franklin did not. Chief Reaves said he would take care of the problem.
    4. He asked the status of the dog problem that he has been complaining about. Mr. Proctor replied that the animal holding pen location has been approved, Public Works has run sewer and water to the site, and will shortly be framing the location for a concrete pour.  
    5. Ms. Carolyn Baker came before the Commission to complain about the long, wide and deep ditch in her back yard. She stated that about fifteen years ago, “they” were putting pipe along the ditch and stopped at her property. Public Works Director Watson explained that there is a bad problem with beavers damming up the creek and causing the water to back up and rise. Mayor Hunt opined that we could contact our County Commissionerst o see if they can get the beaver problem taken care of. Mr. Proctor will contact County Commissioner Hubert Sealy.


There was no Unfinished Business.


  1. Payment to Maxton for Tornado Assistance – Mr. Proctor informed the Board that David Vaughan from FEMA had discovered that while the town had been “reimbursed” $2,600 for work performed by Maxton during the aftermath of the tornado last April, they had never been paid.

Motion by Commissioner Love, second by Commissioner Boyd, to pay the Town of Maxton $2,600 for their costs in assisting the town during the tornado cleanup; the motion carried unanimously.

  1. Springfest Donation – Mr. Proctor asked permission to proceed with the donation to Springfest that had been budgeted.

 Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Love, to release the $1,500 for Springfest; the motion carried unanimously.


Administration – Mr. Proctor presented his Memorandum 12-9, detailing that the town was over-insured for Workers Compensation Insurance.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Love, to table this item until the April 25th meeting to allow the Board to review the memorandum; the motion carried unanimously.

Legal – No report

Police – No report

Public Works – No report

Water and Sewer – No report

NC STEP Program Update – Ben McCallum, representing the Rowland CDC and the STEP Committee, told the Board that the STEP activities are winding down, and the STEP Committee wishes to continue under a new aegis on June 1st, after the completion of the STEP Program.

There is $3,400 left in STEP Planning, but we have accounted for only $2,200 of that, leaving an additional $1,200 that can be spent. Mr. Proctor asked Mr. McCallum to meet with him, and he will look for additional expenses to be reimbursed.

In the STEP packet distributed by Mr. McCallum was information regarding the Small Town Main Street grant program of the NC Department of Commerce. He requested that the Board consider applying for this grant by passing a resolution. Mr. Proctor will prepare the resolution for the Board’s consideration at the next meeting.

Mr. McCallum recommended that the Façade grant request of Ms. Jackie Odom be approved; this will be the final façade grant of the STEP program.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Love, to approve the façade grant for Jackie Odom; the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Proctor provided a thumbnail overview of the website, with monthly viewership starting at 18 in October and rising each month to 58 in February, and now to 89 in March.

Mr. Proctor provided a proposed Final Budget Amendment as required by the Rural Center; this amendment shows those activities that are completed at zero balances, as well those that were ready to be closed out, including $5,000 for the depot floor plan, $1,500 for the Springfest, $2,624.21 for the Façade Grant program, $901.69 for the additional banners, and $1,500 for CDC Grant Management, which provides a Grant balance of $11,525.90.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Love, to approve the Final Budget Amendment as presented; the motion carried unanimously.

Board of Commissioners – No reports.


There were no announcements or other matters of interest. 


Motion by Commissioner Love, second by Commissioner Hunt, at 7:55pm to go into Closed Session to discuss matters relating to the location or expansion of businesses in the area served by the Town of Rowland; motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Commissioner Love, second by Commissioner Hunt, at 8:25pm to come out of Closed Session; motion carried unanimously.

There was no action taken.


Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Love, to adjourn at 8:25p.m.

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