Working Session, April 25, 2012


Mayor Hunt declared a quorum present and called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


Mayor Hunt welcomed everyone to the meeting and Commissioner Love gave the invocation.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the group and led by Commissioner Love.


Motion by Commissioner Love, second by Commissioner Boyd, to accept the minutes of March 28, 2012, as presented; the motion carried unanimously.

OPEN COMMENT PERIOD –  There were no comments from the public.


Commissioner Hunt discussed the proposed ordinance regarding the Workman’s Insurance.  He is not in favor of adjustments/decreases.  Due to the medical charges that are now imposed and the general economy, he does not feel that it would be advantageous to the employees or the Town to decrease coverage in case of a Workman’s Comp Claim.   He suggested leaving the Workman’s Compensation Coverage as is.    This discussion was tabled until next meeting.

In regard to the beaver problem, Mayor Hunt talked with a forestry person and acquired some information on more humane traps and methods of removal and destruction of the dams.  She was also told that the only requirement was that the traps had to be purchased by the Town and could be purchased at AgriSupply and that municipalities must get permission from property owners to set the traps.    Jessie Watson is to further research this information and return next meeting with his findings. 


Ms. Brown was asked to contact Jan Maynor of Lumber River Council of Government regarding appointments from this Municipality for the Transportation Advisory Committee for the Period of July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2014. Commissioner Love or Commissioner Boyd may be interested. This response will be presented in writing for the next meeting of this board.   


Administration – No report

Police – No report

Public Works/ Streets and Sanitation –  The Board was informed that the two retiring employees have been replaced.  Rick McLean, who formerly worked in the Senior Workers Program for four years with the Town, has been hired; and Mr. John Braswell, who lives in Rowland, has been hired.

Mr. Watson also reported that the backhoe is still not working properly.  He is waiting for quotes for on-site repair or taking the equipment to the shop where it was purchased for repair.  

The dog kennel is near completion, and may be finished as early as Friday.

Water and Sewer – Jerry Jones was welcomed back from his hospital stay by the Board. He reported that the area pools testing have not been done in a timely manner.  This is the responsibility of the owners. Fines can be implemented. Commissioner Hunt said that he would research the legalities regarding levying of fines to those involved.

STEP Program Update – Some of the approvals for façade grants have not been acted upon; these are:  Ms. Jackie Odom, The Sewing Shop; and Carol Lee’s Medical Office.   Ms. Brown was asked to make contact with Ms. Odom regarding her plans or decision to not make improvements.    That report will also be in writing to this Board at the next meeting.

Board of Commissioners: 

Commissioner Hunt had some questions regarding the budget information:  eg.  overspent line items.  He asked Chief Reaves about the line item of salaries.  He also noticed the difference in over expenditures for Gas and Oil.  He said that he understood the difference in that line item was due to the rise in cost of fuel.  He questioned Powell Bills and the $5,700 to CSX.  Some of these items were discussed with the Department Heads.   He will speak to the Town Clerk regarding a salary analysis and vacation pay analysis.

Mayor Hunt would like to see Bank Statements with reconciliations and copies of the Accounts Payable Checks.   She also suggested getting quotes on insurance prices and major purchases.

Announcements/Other Matters of Interest –    There were no announcements or other matters of interest.


Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Boyd, to adjourn at 7:30 p.m.

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