Working Session, May 23, 2012


Mayor Hunt declared a quorum present and called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


Mayor Hunt welcomed everyone to the working session and Commissioner Shooter gave the invocation.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the group. 


Mayor Hunt requested that Appointments to the ABC Board be added to the Agenda; this was approved by consensus.


Motion by Commissioner Love, second by Commissioner Shooter, to approve the minutes of the May 3, 2012, called meeting as presented; the motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Commissioner Love, second by Commissioner Hunt, to approve the minutes of the May 8, 2012 regular meeting, with corrections; the motion carried unanimously.


There were no comments from the public.


  1. Appointment to Lumber River Transportation Advisory Committee – After a short discussion, Commissioners Boyd & Love were appointed to this committee by concensus.
  2. Discussion of the Small Town Main Street Program – Commissioner Boyd distributed a copy of a proposed resolution regarding the Small Town Main Street program for discussion. Commissioner Shooter noted that bullet point number 9 required the Town to pay “$3,000 to $5,000 annually” in support of STMS staff, and this is what had stopped the Town when this had come before the Board a couple of years ago. Mayor Hunt informed the Board that we have already had several similar studies done in the past. Commissioner Shooter added that the studies all told us what to do but did not explain where the funding would come from to carry out the studies’ recommendations. Commissioner Boyd apologized to the Board, saying that had she been aware of the previous studies, she would not have brought this up.
  3. Appointment to the ABC Board – Mayor Hunt informed the Board that Bob Lowry wished to be reappointed to the ABC Board; Commissioner Love stated that she wished to be appointed.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Shooter, to reappoint Bob Lowry to the ABC Board; the motion carried on a vote of 3-2, with Mayor Hunt, Commissioner Hunt & Commissioner Shooter voting AYE and Commissioner Love and Commissioner Boyd voting NAY.


There was no New Business.


AdministrationMr. Proctor sought direction regarding the problem at the vacant property at 708 E. Main Street. Discussion ensued regarding billing for mowing, and expanded to the possibility of foreclosure.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, second by Commissioner Shooter, to have Town Attorney Price look into the 708 E. Main Street tax delinquency and what the town can do about it; the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Proctor then gave an update on the Family Inn issue, and informed the Board that he had spoken with Mr. Julius Wilson, Project Manager for Subhodh Thakur, who told him the restaurant building will be rehabilitated beginning on May 24th, and the two “right side” buildings will be taken down to the studs beginning in June.

Legal – No reports

Police – No reports

Public Works/Streets/Sanitation – Mr. Watson reported that new employee John Braswell resigned on Monday without notice. It has been determined that the new breaker box for the ball field lights needs to be a 400-amp box.

Water/Sewer –  Mr. Jones asked that the Board approve the letter to utility customers who have backflow preventers, informing them of the requirement to have the devices tested annually.

Motion by Commissioner Love, second by Commissioner Hunt, to authorize distribution of the backflow preventer letter; the motion carried unanimously.

CDBG/STEP ProgramMayor Hunt stated that 13 students participated in the STEP Youth Forum, and she thought it would be nice to have certificates made for each of them. Mr. Proctor said he would have the certificates printed off using the computer software on hand.

Board of Commissioners – No comments 


There were no announcements or other matters of interest. 


Mr. Proctor distributed copies of departmental budget requests for special items; he stated that these would be discussed at a later budget workshop. He then distributed two sets of personnel cost spreadsheets comparing the costs if there is no Cost of Living Adjustment and if a 2.7% COLA increase – the rate of inflation over the past twelve months – is given to all employees; he started that the total cost for such an increase would be about $13,650.

Mr. Proctor then went through the budget message, comparing and contrasting the major changes in both revenues and expenditures for the General Fund and for the Utility Fund as presented in two sets of pie charts for each Fund. He stated that he was anticipating a projected surplus of some $32,000 in the General fund, but only about $850 in the Utility Fund, as demonstrated by the relative Contingency line items.

Mr. Proctor reminded the Board that the next budget workshop will be at 6:30 on Tuesday, May 29th.


Motion by Commissioner Love, second by Commissioner Shooter, to adjourn at 8:42 p.m.

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