Working Session, October 24, 2012


Mayor Hunt declared a quorum present and called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


Motion by Commissioner Shooter, 2nd by Commissioner Love, to go into Public Hearing for the Community Development Block Grant; the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Adrian Lowry of the Lumber River Council of Governments provided a synopsis of the grant’s purpose: housing rehabilitation; demolition of dilapidated vacant houses; rehab work on the Senior Center; and creating pocket parks in the two open spaces onMain Street.

Commissioner Shooter asked if the full Board would get to comment on the grant prior to the second public hearing; Mr. Lowry reminded the board that two Commissioners sit on the CDBG Committee.

Motion by Commissioner Love, 2nd by Commissioner Hunt, to close the Public Hearing; the motion carried unanimously.


Mayor Hunt welcomed everyone to the working session and Commissioner Love gave the invocation.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the group. 


Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Boyd, to approve the minutes of the October 9, 2012 regular meeting as presented; the motion carried unanimously.


Ms. Landa Gaddy came before the Board to announce her organization’s Unity Meeting for Rowland area youth. As always, her organization is striving to set a new direction for our families and children.


  1. Update regarding the Cultural Arts Center – Mr. DeRay Cole came before the Board to provide an update on his cultural arts center project. He said he and the realtor are making up a “punch list” or repairs that will be required. Health and environmental inspections have been performed, and the building inspection has been scheduled; the facility will have a maximum capacity of 248.

Mr. Cole also stated that the website is up and running; the center will have Wi-Fi availability. The time line to get the facility opened is still about three months.

  1. Decision regarding Fire Inspection – Mr. Proctor informed the Board that he had interviewed two interested candidates; when previously contacted, Stephanie Chavis had asked not to be considered because her “plate is very full already.” The final two candidates were equally qualified as to their respective inspector certifications. During discussions with each of these candidates, Mr. Proctor ascertained that one candidate was completely comfortable with the proposed Inspection Fees and their distribution between her and the Town; the other, however, indicated some reticence with the distribution.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Love, to contract with the lower bidder for Fire Inspection services; the motion carried unanimously.

  1. Decision regarding Banking – Mr. Proctor recapped the information presented to the Board by the managers of Lumbee Guaranty Bank and BB&T Bank over the previous two meetings: Lumbee Guaranty will not have any regular banking charges, thereby saving approximately $2,000 annually; BB&T cannot reduce its charges with the type of account the Town now has with them, but dividing our one account into three separate accounts would probably create the same savings.

Following some informational discussion, Mr. Proctor was asked his professional opinion; he stated that staying with BB&T would definitely create more staff work and may not save all the bank charges; however, moving the account to Lumbee would save $2,000 and would not create any additional work for Town staff.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Love, to move our centralized checking account to Lumbee Guaranty Bank; the motion carried unanimously.

  1. Discussion regarding Tractor-trailer Parking – In a continuation of the discussion from the previous Commission meeting, further discussion determined that the old Chevrolet dealership is no longer under lease and perhaps that property could be utilized for truck or trailer parking; additionally, Chief Reaves has not been able to communicate with all the truckers in town regarding this problem. It was the consensus of the Board to continue seeking the acquiescence of the trucker community in town and to keep looking for a suitable parking lot.
  2. Discussion/decision regarding the NCDOT Curbing Project – Mayor Hunt informed the Board that she and Mr. Proctor met with Chuck Miller, NCDOT District Engineer, and Ricky Stone of Stone’s BP and Minute Mart regarding the proposed NCDOT curbing project on the southwest corner of NC130/US501 West and US301/US501 South; this project has been under study and in discussions for over 60 months.

Mayor Hunt stated that after viewing the project site and discussing the need for the work, and keeping in mind the parking needs for the Minute Mart, Mr. Stone agreed to the project and to providing the necessary right of way; his only request was to allow tractor-trailers to park on NC130 East as far as the Chamber of Commerce building for short periods to afford their drivers to utilize the convenience store.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Love, to authorize tractor-trailer parking along NC130 eastbound for a period of 15 minutes, and to have Public Works erect signs to that effect; there will still be a no-parking area east of the Chamber building; the motion carried unanimously.

  1. Discussion regarding the Family Inn matter – Mr. Proctor updated the Board about what slight progress had been made since January, when Subodh Thakur had obtained the two zoning permits for rehabbing the restaurant and demolishing the motel complex. He recommended that Mr. Thakur be asked to attend the next meeting to respond to the Board’s questions.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Boyd, to table this matter until the November 13th meeting to allow Mr. Proctor to contact Mr. Thakur to request his attendance; the motion carried unanimously.


  1. Request of Support for a Resolution by the Ft Bragg Regional Alliance – Mr. Proctor summarized theAlliance’s Resolution, stating that it was “Opposing North Carolina Coastal wind Projects in Low-Level Military Flight Training Areas.” Following a short discussion regarding the merits of this training,

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Love, to write a letter of support for this Resolution; the motion carried unanimously.

  1. Martin University Partnership Proposal – Mr. Proctor directed the Board to an email he had received from Martin University of Indianapolis, Indiana, and placed in the agenda packet, that presented the Martin University Sister City Leadership Experience (MUSCLE) Program. The proposal was for MUSCLE to provide grant services to the Town to find funding for a community center. The email estimated the cost for the facility and the first year of “partnership” operations to be some $300,000; the email also requested an unspecified “investment” from the town.

Following a brief discussion, it was the consensus of the Board that we could not afford to participate with MUSCLE in this project. Mr. Proctor is to reply to that effect by email. 


AdministrationMr. Proctor directed the Board’s attention to an email from Holly Hunt of the CoG office that requested material for the LRCOG quarterly newsletter, the “Regional Reporter.”

Legal – No reports

Police – No reports

Public Works/Streets/Sanitation – No reports.

Water/Sewer – Water/Wastewater Operator Jerry Jones informed the Board that Patrick Seals can’t take the Operator’s exam until he’s been employed at least six months, even though he’s recently completed operator school.


Mr. Germaine Page came before the Board with a vocal complaint against Police Officer Perry Thompson, whom he accused of harassing him. He made an emotional appeal to the Board that Officer Thompson stop his harassment.


Motion by Commissioner Love, 2nd by Commissioner Shooter at 8:00pm, to go into closed session for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter; the motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Love at 8:22pm, to come out of closed session; the motion carried unanimously.

There was no action taken.


Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Shooter, to adjourn at 8:23p.m.

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