Working Session, February 27, 2013



Mayor Hunt declared a quorum present and called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.


Mayor Hunt welcomed everyone to the working session and Commissioner Shooter gave the invocation.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the group. 


Motion by Commissioner Love, 2nd by Commissioner Boyd, to approve the minutes of the February 12, 2013 regular meeting as presented; the motion carried unanimously.


  1. Mr. Evans Taylor, representing Progress Energy, came before the Board to announce that Progress Energy will soon be offering its “Neighborhood Energy Saver Program” to all households in the Town; it will include a home energy assessment, installation of energy conservation measures, and energy education; it will NOT provide weatherization. The program will start in May and will last about 10 weeks.

Motion by Commissioner Shooter, 2nd by Commissioner Love, that the Town of Rowland participate in the Progress Energy Company energy saver program; the motion carried unanimously.

  1. Ms. Lolita Watson of N. Hines Street commended the Board for a wonderful parade and festivities in honor of Baltimore Ravens’ running back Vontá Leach. It was determined that there were 3000+ people in attendance.
  2. Mr. Jim Kelly of W. Main Street asked about the proposed solar farm. During discussion, it was disclosed that there was to be a County Planning Board meeting on this matter at 6:00pm, Monday, March 11th, preceded by a site visit of the Planning Board earlier that day at 4:30pm.
  3. Ms. Juliet Lucas of W. Jackson Street asked the Board why they have a “Workshop” as the second meeting of the month when at a “workshop,” only discussions are held and no decisions are made nor votes taken. Mr. Proctor explained that since this is the case, and since normal Commission business is transacted, the meetings are now termed “Working Sessions.”


  1. Discussion regarding amending the Zoning Ordinance to allow more manufactured and modular housing – Mr. Proctor went to the Commission Chambers’ Zoning Map and provided an overview of state and Federal law regarding “manufactured housing” and “modular homes.” He then expanded his presentation to incorporate the town’s zoning into that discussion.

Commissioner Shooter informed the Board that the Variance function of the Zoning Ordinance should cover the placement of non-conforming structures, such as manufactured housing and modular homes; he continued that the notification process of all property owners abutting the property on which the proposed variance is requested would protect the neighborhood and the respective property values.

It was the consensus of the Board that no further regulations are required, and that the Variance procedure inherent in the Zoning Code would be sufficient to allow petitioners to seek a variance, while providing protection to surrounding property owners.

  1. Discussion of “Cyber-cafés” in the Town limits – Mr. Proctor presented his Memorandum 13-02, detailing what he had found out from Fayetteville, NC about their allowing “cyber cafés” – he has determined that there are no such businesses in that city, although their Assistant City Attorney opined that if there is no internet/electronic sweepstakes gaming as defined by the State Supreme Court occurring, then there is probably no reason to deny a business license.

Commissioner Shooter opined that, in light of Memo 13-02, it seems that our Game-room ordinance would cover this business.

Motion by Commissioner Shooter, 2nd by Commissioner Love, that Parth Patel, dba Border Shell, could open a “cyber-café” under the Town’s game-room ordinance; the motion carried unanimously.


There was no New Business this meeting.


Mr. Proctor reminded the Board that the Bank Reconciliation had not been placed in their packets, but were on their table this evening. He also informed the Board that January’s Salaries look over-expended because the February 1st payroll was dated January 31st so that we could begin closing out the BB&T Central Depository and move it over to Lumbee Guaranty Bank; the accounts will be in complete balance by the end of the March payroll (six payrolls in 3 months).


AdministrationMr. Proctor directed the Board’s attention to the LeagueLINC newsletter of February 22nd, for their edification. He had no other reports.

Legal – No reports

Police – No reports; however, Chief Reaves stated he attended the February 26th dinner meeting of the Robeson County Municipal Association, and learned of several items:

    1. The Town of Proctorville will be having a parade on Saturday, March 9th, in celebration of its centennial; we are all invited to attend.
    2. He informed the Board that he was told that the Town of Rowland is supposed to host the March monthly RCMA meeting.

The Board decided by consensus to have the RCMA dinner at the Pink Restaurant on Tuesday, March 26th, and that staff would do the groundwork and let the Board know the details by the March 12th meeting.

    1. Asked why the tires on his vehicle were slick, the Chief responded that he was holding off due to the budget; a set of four tires will cost about $500.00. It was the consensus of the Board that new tires for the Chief’s vehicle be purchased out of the Asset Recovery Fund.

Public Works/Streets/Sanitation – No reports.

Water/Sewer – Jerry Jones informed the Board that Patrick Seals was taking his water exam on Thursday, February 28th.


Commissioner Shooter asked Mr. Proctor what he had learned about getting Extra-territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) around the Town; Mr. Proctor replied that he was still researching the matter. Commissioner Shooter then reminded the Board and those in attendance that as it stands now, without an ETJ, anyone can come in and put a hog farm or a chicken farm or a turkey farm right up to the town limits; he also opined that if we had had an ETJ, the county would have had to notify the town well in advance of any hearings about the solar farm that is now being proposed at the edge of town.


There were no announcements or other matters of interest.


Motion by Commissioner Shooter, 2nd by Commissioner Hunt, to adjourn at 8:59p.m.

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