Regular Meeting, May 28, 2014


Mayor Hunt declared a quorum present and called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM


Mayor Hunt welcomed everyone to the meeting and Commissioner Boyd gave the invocation. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those present.


Motion by Commissioner Love, 2nd by Commissioner Hunt, to approve the minutes of the March 27, 2013, Working Session as presented; the motion carried unanimously.


  1. Mr. Gordon Bracey of S. Cedar St. came before the Board to complain that he had been building a trash can screen and Waste Management picked the wood up, evidently believing it to be trash; the following week, they apparently took his trash can. He just wanted the Board to be aware of this.

On another matter, he explained that his house is at the very end of Cedar at a dead end; people are constantly turning around in his yard. In addition, where he lives, the street is dirt; he stated that Mayor McCall had told him several years ago that the end of the street would be paved when the weather turned warmer, but he is still waiting for it to be paved. He requested that either the town pave it or deed it to him and let him pave it.

It was decided by consensus to place this action item on the budget agenda to see if the funds were available to surface this piece of street.

  1. Ms. Alberta Belin, now of Lumberton, came before the Board to complain that, as she was moving to Lumberton, she had her water disconnected on March 1st, effective March 4th; she stated that she got a full month’s bill on April 1st, which she complained was not fair since she didn’t use a whole month’s worth of utility services.

Motion by Commissioner Love, 2nd by Commissioner Boyd, to adjust the bill to reflect twelve days’ usage; the motion carried unanimously.


  1. Discussion of the Ballpark Concession – Mr. Proctor informed the Board that, as requested at the last Board meeting, he had contacted the Town of Maxton to ascertain how they managed their concession contract, but found that the county runs the park. Upon contacting the CountyParks and Recreation Department, he was informed that the county does not contract out its concessions.

Commissioner Hunt stated that he had talked with people from both the Little League and the adult league and Jackie Leach already does the concessions for the Little League. Commissioner Shooter recommended that Ms. Leach continue the Little League, and allow Mr. Hasty to have the adult league concession, each at $25.00 per game.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Shooter, to give the Little League concession to Jackie Leach at a fee of $25.00 per game; the motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Commissioner Love, 2nd by Commissioner Boyd, to give the adult league concession to Antonio Hasty at a fee of $25.00 per game; the motion carried unanimously.

  1. Ordinance 13-115, Amending Chapter 70, Animal Control – Mr. Proctor read Ordinance 13-115 by long title only and then summarized its contents.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Love, to adopt Ordinance 13-115, Amending Chapter 70, Animal Control; the motion carried unanimously.


  1. Discussion of Internet Gaming – Mr. Proctor read his Memorandum 13-8, providing a historical synopsis of the internet gaming issue; he then directed the Board’s attention to a LeagueLinc Bulletin and a letter from gaming attorneys highlighting and detailing the State Legislature’s turn-around on internet gaming.

Attorney Price opined that this issue was in great flux at the state level, especially with new attempts by the legislature to legalize and tax gaming establishments; on the other hand, some District Attorneys and sheriffs were enforcing the law, but it his opinion that many of the sweepstakes operations are legal and that the Supreme Court’s ruling that the statute involved in the legislature’s attempt to ban such operations is not unconstitutional as a violation of first amendment rights does not mean that a determination has been made that all sweepstakes operations are illegal. Mr. Proctor reiterated that many municipalities were not enforcing the ban.

Motion by Commissioner Love, 2nd by Commissioner Hunt, to continue to allow internet gaming within the Town of Rowland, in accordance with Chapter 82, Internet Gaming Establishments, of the Rowland Code of Ordinances; the motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Proctor read his Memo 13-9, which provided a summary of the town’s finances for and as of March, 2013: Total Revenues for the month were $96,883, and total expenditures were $95,318, adding $1,555 to Fund Balance. Year-to-Date, Revenues have totaled $988,823, with expenditures of $917,734, providing $71,089 to overall Fund Balance so far this year.

Commissioner Hunt enquired about the $1,000 that Waste Management gave us in July for use at the park; Mr. Proctor replied that this money was entered in the Finance Report as Miscellaneous Revenue. Commissioner Hunt then thanked Mr. Proctor for now providing an executive summary to the Finance Report, as it gives the data in the Report more meaning.


Administration – No report

Legal – No report

Police – No report

Public Works – Mr. Watson advised the Board that one beaver has been trapped at the sewer plant and two more along our outfall.

Water and Sewer – No report

Board of Commissioners –

  1. Commissioner Shooter requested that Mr. Proctor “keep on top of” Mr. Subodh Thakur, owner of the Family Inns, to ensure he stays on schedule with his rehabilitation program. He then informed the Board that the last time the Fire Department contract was raised was many years ago and the Department was going to be seeking between 3% and 6% contract increase.
  2. Mayor Hunt thanked the Public Works Department for their continuous hard work; they are appreciated.


There were no announcements or other matters of interest.


Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Love, at 7:28pm to go into Closed Session for the purpose of discussing personnel; the motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Shooter, at 7:58pm to come out of Closed Session; the motion carried unanimously.

There was no action taken.

Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Boyd, to add NC Department of Transportation turn radius issue to New Business; the motion carried unanimously.


B. NCDOT Project at US501/NC130 – Mr. Proctor had earlier distributed an email from Chuck Miller, NCDOT’s District Engineer, regarding the lack of success in getting an agreement from the Stone family for the property that needs to be used for DOT to enhance the turn radius on the eastbound-to-southbound corner of NC130 & US501. The email stated that unless there was some positive movement, DOT would have no alternative but to defund the project.

General discussion ensued regarding the need for this traffic corridor enhancement, and whether the town should just let the project die. Commissioner Boyd stated that we had to think about the future, and we need to try again to get this project moving forward.

After further discussion, it was agreed to ask both Mr. Miller and representatives from the Stone family to attend the next Commission meeting to discuss this matter. Attorney Price concurred that as it concerned property, this meeting could be held in closed session.


Motion by Commissioner Hunt, 2nd by Commissioner Love, to adjourn at 8:13pm

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