Our Town

The Town of Rowland has a mayor-council form of government comprised of four commissioners, all of whom are elected at-large,  and a mayor who presides over meetings but votes only in the event of a tie. Commissioners serve staggered four-year terms with two commissioners elected at the general election in each odd-numbered year, and are sworn in during the first meeting in December; the mayor serves a two year term, concurrent with each biennial election. There are no term limits for commissioners nor for the mayor.

The Commission Chambers are accessible to the public through the side Town Hall door on North Hickory Street.

Location: 202 W. Main Street, PO Box 127, Rowland, NC 28383

Phone: (910) 422-3333    Fax: (910) 422-8191   E-mail: townofrowland@townofrowland.com

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm    In order to better serve our citizens, we do not close for lunch.

Saturday-Sunday: Closed


Mayor: Michelle M. Shooter

Commissioners: Jean M. Love, Mayor Pro Tem

Betty J. Boyd

Paul Hunt, Jr.


Town Administration provides all administrative, financial, and budgetary services to the Board of Commissioners and operating departments. All administrative and financial records are in the custody of the Town Administrator/Finance Officer; Town Hall staff ensure that all ordinances are enforced, that financial obligations are timely paid, and  that utility bills are posted and collected in a timely manner. Business licenses, zoning permits, park rentals, and other similar permits are issued through Town Hall. The Town Administrator is appointed by the town’s Board of Commissioners.

Staff: David Townsend III, P.E., Town Clerk

Daphine Southern, Administrative Assistant/Billing Clerk

Faye B. Carlyle, Finance Officer/Accounts Payable Clerk


The Rowland Public Works Department provides the town with safe drinking water, wastewater collection and treatment services, and the maintenance and repair of town streets and rights-of-way. Drinking water is provided by two wells and is treated at the water plant located at the public works complex. Wastewater is treated at an aerated lagoon at the town’s brush fill. Utility services are provided to properties both inside and outside town for residents and commercial establishments, as well as for the NC Welcome Center located at milepost 5 on I-95 northbound. The department coordinates street maintenance and repair with the NC Department of Transportation. Garbage collection and disposal services are provided through a contract with a private firm.  The Public Works Director manages the town’s public works employees and is responsible for the efficient delivery of these services. The Director also coordinates town activities in the event of natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornados. The Director is appointed by the town’s Board of Commissioners.

Location: North Canal Street Extension

Staff: Joshua Pierce, Public Works Director

Eric Morgan, Service Worker

Dashon J. Felder, Service Worker

Joe McGirt, Wastewater Operator

Jobvis Dunson, Mechanic


The Rowland Police Department is dedicated to the public safety of residents, visitors and businesses of the town by enforcing the state’s laws and regulations, and the town’s ordinances. The town’s police officers are well-trained and -equipped to provide police services both within the town limits and to spot-annexed areas as far away as South of the Border. The Police Department utilizes the Robeson County E-911 system to process emergency calls and has the latest in weaponry, body armor, and vehicle communications systems to respond to community needs. The Chief of Police is appointed by the town’s Board of Commissioners.

Location: 206 West Main Street, Phone: (910) 422-3311

Staff: Hubert B. Graham, Police Chief

Connie Barnes-Hayes, Administrative Assistant

William D. Davis, Police Officer

Matthew Jacobs, Police Officer

Michael E. Sale, Police Officer

Perry Thompson, Police Officer


The Rowland Rural Fire Department is an all-volunteer fire department serving the town and surrounding areas within a 6-mile radius. The department uses the Robeson County E-911 system for emergency calls; the department’s volunteers have been trained and equipped to provide first response service to the community. The department is funded through county taxes, contributions from the town budget, and public donations from fund raisers. The town has an ISO Rating of 7/8.

Location: 401 North Bond Street

Contact Information: Joe McGirt, Fire Chief, Phone: (910)-422-3600


The Rowland Rescue Squad is an all-volunteer squad serving the town and surrounding area. The squad volunteers are trained as EMTs or Rescue Technicians and equipped to extricate, rescue, or remove a person from a hazardous situation and stabilize individuals in need of rescue or emergency medical services. The squad has one ambulance, two crash trucks, and one quick-response vehicle. The Squad relies on donations supplemented by contributions from town and county budgets.

Location: 302 North Bond Street

Contact Information: Randy Carlyle, Squad Commander, Phone: (910)-422-3093


The Rowland Library is utilized to provide helpful information, and resources for the citizens and surrounding communities. The library resources create opportunities for learning support, education purposes, and creative learning. The library has books for all ages, computers, and WIFI for the community to enjoy.

Librarian: Anne Thompson-Ellerbee

113 East Main Street     Phone: (910) 422-3996

Hours of Operation:

Monday: 2pm-5pm

Tuesday & Wednesday: 2:30pm-5:30pm

Thursday: 9am-6pm

Friday-Sunday: Closed


Senior activities are convenient to those participating at the local downtown Senior Center. The center is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 11:15am. A nutritious lunch is served, daily along with an offering of many games and activities for the seniors to enjoy.

The Center is located at 111 W. Main Street. next door to the library.

Council of Governments transportation service offers pickups for any person interested in riding to and from the center. There is also a meal on wheels delivery for those homebound seniors. You may contact the Lumber River Council of governments at

Lumber River Council of Governments
30 CJ Walker Road, COMtech Park
Pembroke, NC 28372

Phone: 910-618-5533 Fax: 910-521-7556 or online at www.lrcog.org

McCORMICK STREET PARK COMPLEX        302 East McCormick Street

The centerpiece of the McCormick Street Park complex is our fenced and well-maintained baseball field, which is lighted for night games and has more-than-adequate bleacher seating. We also sport a tennis court, a basketball court, and a small fully functional playground. We also have a concession stand with restrooms.

These facilities may be rented for private parties or other functions, including private ball games; please contact Town Hall at 910-422-3333 for additional information.